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Welcome to the TopWeeklyAds. Through our resource you can easily and conveniently keep track of promotional offers for the best shopping in our country. On our website you will find useful and relevant information about the supermarkets that you surely frequently visit.

Our aim is to help people save money on their daily purchases. After all, as people say, "Of saving comes having". Of course, purchasing discounted goods in stores will not make you a millionaire, but your family budget will definitely improve.

Probably not everybody fully understands the final goal pursued by supermarkets in New York and other US cities, reducing prices on promotional items. A lot of people are mistaken when they think that it is a simple sale of spoiled goods. But it is not so. Big companies with supermarket chains throughout the USA value their image and do not allow themselves to worsen their reputation in such a way. Therefore, one of the main objectives of these activities is to attract the maximum number of customers to their shops. After all, if a person goes for promotional products, it is likely that he will buy something else. To make additional purchase or not is still up to you. But why not enjoy a significant discount offered by a store?

Another objective that may be pursued by retailers or their suppliers is to promote a brand new product or unknown brand on the market. In this case buyers only benefit from this. Indeed, under a little-known brand that is promoted, you can find a rather quality product.

We hope that our work will deserve your attention and the information on our website will be useful.


Note: Goods in the pictures may differ from those available in the supermarkets. Remember that trading networks always have the right to ensure the availability of promotional goods not in all of their stores.